Twitter Shrink

January 20, 2010

tweetpyschWhy pay a lot of money for a psychologist when TweetPysch can do it for you?  TweetPysch provides psychological profiling by looking at your last 1,000 tweets and running them through two different linguistic analysis algorithms (RID and LIWC.)  Obviously, this tool works best on accounts that have a high volume of tweets and are executed by a single user.  Results show the user’s average propensity (compared to other users) to tweet about topics such as money, media, control, sex etc. and what this might mean, psychologically speaking.  For example, those who tweet about control, restraint and moral imperatives more than the average user may indicate that this person has a strong desire to impose order.  Tweeting about sex more than the average user may indicate a preoccupation with sex, and so on…  And though this tool is actually just comparing your results based on the results of other TweetPysch users (making it less about real psychology and more about your linguistic lexicon), it is one of the most interesting Twitter tool releases to date, in my opinion.

You can view my results here.


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